Hello my name is Richard Kain. My company is RJK Interactive LLC. I have been developing Rich Media applications since 1994.
Here is a list of some of the companies I have worked with over the years as an employee or as a contractor:

  • Florida Department of Education: Develop Common Core K2 Modules: Reading, Comprehension, Spellng, Listening, Vowels, Consonants.....
  • RIM/BlackBerry: BB10 Settings: Date and Time, About, Sound, and Storage
  • Bisk Education: MVC Framework and Module Development for students and Instructional Designers
  • Oswego Group: CD Rom Catalogs/Quality Assurance-Control for the apparel industry: Nike, Puma, Reebok, Anne Taylor, and more...
  • Chrysler/Continental: Developed an application simulating Chrysler Hi_End automotive line Car Consoles for Navigation, and Radio in both (Haptic and Touch)
  • Precision Architectural Products: CD Rom Catalogs/ 3D Mouldings
  • S&S Craftsmen: Developed CD Rom and Web Catalogs/ 3D Mouldings
  • Carry-A-Tune: Developed interactive lessons for singing/managed animators.
  • Data Pro Accounting Software: Developed applications for Software Version releases and tutorials/Video Shoots/Animations
  • CACI: Developed a training application for CACI for their intranet accessible for the Veteran Administration Nurses
  • Veterans Administration Nursing: Developed a training application for CD Rom distributions.
  • Image Technologies: Video and Music Production
  • IBM: Lotus Notes CD Roms Training

4703 10th Street
Tampa Florida 33603

Contact: rjkinteractive@gmail.com